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TKO Performance
04-30-04, 08:51 AM
Dear CAC members.,
I just wanted to take this time to say hi to everyone and let you know about our new Corvette parts and accessory shop, TKO Performance. www.tkoperformance.com .
We are real excited about jumping onboard CAC and we are looking forward to providing you with nothing but the best parts, accessories and service for you and your Corvette. For your convenience you can order online 24 / 7 or feel free to call in and speak with us Monday thru Fri 9-5 est. Friday 9-12noon.

We are loading new inventory everyday, so please keep checking in. If you don’t see something your looking for, please contact us via email sales@tkoperformance.com or phone 516 503 8891.

To get the ball rolling, here is our first special…. %10 off on our all ready low prices on all our Carbon Fiber engine pieces!
These pieces are beautifully crafted covered with a high gloss finish. Two very unique items we have are the Contoured ”egg crate” Washer and Coolant reservoir. Both with openings for fluids.
All items are available in colors! Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange &Green

Check out these beautiful and unique contoured washer and coolant reservoirs.
Our everyday price $205.95. Our SPECIAL price $185.39!

Fuel Rails (set)
Normally retails for $339.95. Our everyday price $319.95. Our SPECIAL price $287.95!

Shown here in (front to back) Blue, Red, Black

Reffering to the regular(BLACK)carbon fiber, normally retails for $299.00. Our everyday price $289.95. Our SPECIAL price $260.95!

Normally retails for $199.99. Our everyday price $199 Our SPECIAL price $176.35!

Bat Cover
Normally retails for $199.99. Our everyday price $154.95. Our SPECIAL price $139.45!

Wheel Well
Fender Covers (set)
Normally retails for $339. Our everyday price $319.95. Our SPECIAL price $287.95!

Radiator Shroud
Normally Retails for $249.95. Our everyday price $245.95. Our SPECIAL price $221.35!

[For color pieces just go to our site and knock %10 off the price! www.tkoperformance.com

Fuel Rails
Contoured Washer Reservoir
Contoured Coolant Reservoir
Total $1021.80
SPECIAL price [$899.20!!!!

This entire special is good till May25th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your time. Big thanks to Rob.
Take care :beer

TKO Performance..
Quality Parts & Service at Knock Out Prices!