View Full Version : Corvettes- buyer or sellers market?

04-22-04, 01:55 PM
What is your opnion on the market as far as Corvettes are concerned? the reason I ask is that I am looking for a second one already . Just bought the first one last week and looking for one for wifey !

Who do you consider an accurate guide as to value ? Is it a buyers or sellers market in general , i know bargains are out there. Just dont want to get ripped off.

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04-22-04, 02:02 PM
If u r a discriminating buyer . . . it's always a good time 2 buy.

But it is also Spring Corvette Fever for Sellers !

Later . . . . . .
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04-27-04, 12:30 AM
I feel Corvette values reflect the condition of the car and your location not so much the mileage. Let's face it, alot of vettes have had a lot of owners and some of them could have rolled mileage off of them. Rolling back vettes is very easy, just look on e-bay under corvette speedometers. If you do find a car that is in fairly good shape, you could always spend some money on it after you buy it to make it perfect. But that is not for everyone. Some people might not want to spend more money on a car they just bought, but to me making it just right is fun. Just look at alot of cars and see why some cars are more money than others. An owner with a perfect car will be happy to show you why his car is so much more money!!!!

04-27-04, 12:51 AM
Winter time is a buyers market and summer time is a sellers market simple as that,..*Across the board*,..you can see prices go up and down respectively,.. the trick is to fnd the one that has the mileage you want and the options your looking for...IMO:cool