View Full Version : What is this ignition connector called?

larry bud
04-22-04, 12:47 PM
I have an '86. You've got a red wire going into the distributor cap. The white connector piece is broken. I currently have it held in place with duct tape, but I've had it come off a couple of times.

What the heck do I call this so I can order it?


04-22-04, 01:58 PM
I guess you'd call it a white connector. ;shrug

Been there, done that... But it cost me a lot of money and time before we found the problem. :hb


04-22-04, 03:09 PM
It' s the BATT connector. I ordered one from Ecklers in Florida though I'm in the UK so only know a few distributors that I order from.

They called it the "Connector HEI BATT" or something similar. The part I got was supposed to fit 81 to 85 I think but I looked at a friends 78 and the connector looked the same so I ordered one for my 90 and it fit! The only difference there may be is that the connector I bought appeared grey so if you're building a concours car it may bother a purist? Who cares just drive! That's what vettes are for!

It bothered me that the broken part may come off because if it does your engine will cut out. To minimise the possibility while I waited for the new part I crimped the contact a bit to make sure it really fits tight on the coil connection in the distributor.

I've had to replace a few connectors - they get brittle 'cos of the heat, and sometimes it's the first time they've been disconnected in years.