View Full Version : Need advice on replacing radio

04-16-04, 10:54 PM
My situation is that I am replacing the stock Delco unit (not Bose) in my '91 coupe. Got the center part (cassette / tuner) out. But I am having a difficult time finding and removing the remote amplifier / reciever. I am pretty sure it is under the glove box. But when I take off the knee bolster all I can see is black plastic and countless wires. Any suggestions for how to get this out? Where exactly is it located? How big a "box' is it - cigar box or cigarette pack size? Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.

04-17-04, 12:02 AM
the amps are in each Bose speaker; integral, and suited for aftermarket, but require another pre-amp.

04-18-04, 08:31 PM
did same thing on my 90 what a pain in the ass. Some one here had asite to acsess with pics and a step by step. remove fuse cover and hardware around it lay upside down and look up.good luck get pics so you know what you are looking for

04-19-04, 06:09 PM
Did It!!! Terrible design by GM's engineers. No wonder so many people don't fix these poor Delco or Bose units, but throw the whole pile away as soon as they fail. My $100.00 Pioneer AM/FM/CD is 10 tiome the radio for 1/10th the price of a Bose. My advice for anyone else contempating this process is to go ahead, but be prepared for some bruised/cut knuckles. Still, the end result is worth the effort. By the way, on my '91 I threw a "sys" code right away (after 12 miles of driving). Turns out that we need to incorporate a couple of inexpensive resistors when we do the wiring. No big deal if you do it right away rather than have to pull the dash apart again a second time to do it. Also, plan on adding approximately 2 feet of wire to the wire harness adapter. All the wiring runs from the far right hand foot well back to the radio in the center of the console. With the fit kit I bought from Metra I had to use a dremel to trim the back side of the console trim piece. No big deal. Just a little extra effort. Again, the results are worth the time invested.

04-19-04, 06:27 PM
some fun wasn`t it glen .Had my repaired liked the stock look. now i need to do the front speakers they don`t work at all......wonder what the guy did to this poor car before i bought it. any way all that work any i forgot how bad that 14 year old sound system was....don`t use it much anyway bill