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04-16-04, 04:26 AM
Hello : I'm a newbie to the posting but I've been reading the forum for about a year i have a question I have a good deal on some rims they are 16x8 for a 1987 corvette the are suppose to be direct bolt on ..........Since i value you guys opinon my ears are wide open....Thanks I know you guys will sear me in the correct path;)

04-16-04, 05:29 AM
You might want to check http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/specs/1987/87specs.htmlI think it might have the info you want.

Good Luck!

04-16-04, 09:49 AM
what kind? what brand?

04-16-04, 10:28 AM
I purchased my wheels from Just Corvettes. Their number is 800-886-8388. I use a 17x9.5 in the front with 275/40-17 tires, the rears are 17x11 with 315/35-17. I made sure to get the proper offset. I think the fronts are 38mm offset and rears are 36mm offset. Oh Ya, my wheels are a copy of the ZR-1 style. Hope this helps. Price from just wasn't bad at all. Bob.

04-17-04, 06:45 AM
They are are repro. zr-1 they fit firebird and corvette I just want toknow if going to 8"in rims all around is a good or bad idea Thanks they are direct bolt ons:upthumbs

04-17-04, 11:16 AM
Couple of things, first off 16x8.5 is the standard size for an 87 unless you have RPO Z51 or Z52 then the wheels are 16x9.5; second the wheel offset is 38mm for 84-87 cars (regardless of either wheel width).

The chances are that a wheel off a F-body car may not clear the front brake caliper. If these wheels you are looking at are Corvette wheels, then you will be OK. Can you tell us what wheels these are and if a factory GM wheel, what car are they from.

Unless you have an opportunity to fit these wheels to your Vette and check for the proiper clearances and also check the wheel for any damage, I would suggest looking at wheels that are made for the car.

AFS wheels makes reproduction ZR-1 style wheels with the specific 38mm offset for the 87 (I have a set on my 87) and the fit and finish is excellent. Check out the wheels at http://www.afswheels.com/v2/ecommerce/shopdisplayproducts.asp

AFS also sells their 84-87 wheels on eBay from time to time; just do a search on "AFS Corvette wheels"