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04-15-04, 04:59 PM
Last summer, I just did one bushing. One of the bushings was bad, it kept slipping out of the bracket.

The weather was finally warm enough to work on the car so I checked it out today.

It seems that the front bolt to one of the bushing bracket has snapped. Can I use a punch to get it out? I have already removed the spare tire carrier and will remove the muffler on that side to get easier access to it.

Any recommendations?

04-19-04, 12:01 PM
Here's a picture:


This is the rear passenger bushing. The bolt you see on the right is the one to the rear of the car. It's the bolt that goes into the bushing bracket. The bolt that goes onto the front of the bushing bracket has snapped. Any suggestions?

04-19-04, 05:18 PM
I think those bolts were pressed into the bracket and the studs had splines on them. You may have to remove the entire bracket and get another one.

When I replaced the rear bushings on my 87, most of the bolts had a lot of rust on them. I used a bunch of WD-40 to spray the nuts before trying to remove them. Even after 2 days of spraying, a lot of the nuts were very difficult to remove and they got quite hot in getting them off. I was worried that I would smap one of the studs off.

How much room is there above the bracket?? If there's enough space, you might be able to use a bolt and nut on that side with the bolt facing up and the nut on the upper side of the bracket. Drill the remains of the stud out and open the hole to take a bolt of the correct side. A lock washer and nut on top may work. Make sure the bolt is long enough to include the cable strap and the bushing housing.

04-19-04, 05:31 PM

There isn't any room above the bracket. My mechanic neighbor told me another alternative is to drill a hole and use a new bolt.

04-19-04, 08:55 PM
Sounds like the best way to go. One thing I did in replacing the bushing was to chase the threads of the studs and use all new nuts and washers. I used a fair amount of anti-sieze compound on the stud threads so if I ever have togo thru this again, I shouldn't see any rusted or seized nuts.

Don't forget to torque the nuts on the bolts that hold the bar to the end link (37 ft.-lbs.) and end link to the carrier bracket (30 ft.-lbs.) after you raise the suspension up to ride height. The link will bind otherwise.