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04-15-04, 04:50 PM
I finally got around to putting my new rear view mirror in and as always you guys were right the wires were there for the map lights. I need to know if some one can look at theirs and tell me how the wires route tthrough the plastic header cover. I am sure there is a slot or something and mine just doesn't have it. I would like to make it look as factory as possible. I was also wondering if there is a seperate switch for the low oil press warning? The red one next to the temp/volt comes on when i start up for a second but i don't ever see the red one next to the oil press/temp. i guess it could be a bulb but would like a little more info before tearing into it. Thanks in advance Charlie:confused :w

04-26-04, 06:41 PM
To the top. Waitin' for an answer. :CAC