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04-15-04, 04:28 PM
Hi. My husband and I recently purchased an 87 coupe for his early anniversery gift. We are now working on fixing some of the small problems with it. One thing we have a problem with is the water temp always reads "LO", I have read through the search results and see where the sensor is supposed to be. The secondary fan switch is between 1 & 3 where it is supposed to be but between 6 & 8 where the temp sensor is supposed to be the is just a plug, no sensor. The only thing there doesn't seem to be any loose wires in that area to plug up if we bought the sensor. Could someone tells us where the wire would be in the harness or how to possibly find it so that we can fix this. Thanks.


04-16-04, 10:02 AM

Here is where your Temp Sensor is located. #11- right above the water pump and just below the thermostat. This sensor is the one that shows your water temp on your cluster <the one that's reading 'low'. Probably a bad sensor or loose wire.

04-16-04, 05:59 PM
Thanks. We think we found the sensor but just didn't feel like removing stuff to get to it today. At least we now know where to look.

Thanks again

04-16-04, 06:38 PM
Susan, its not uncommon for that sensor to fail. I recommend replacing it with an original G M part,NOT aftermarket!!!!!!! Good Luck Paul:D