View Full Version : Wheel Balancing Maintenance

04-14-04, 11:38 PM
Any thoughts or suggestions as to how often wheel balance should be performed?

Have a 1993 with the GSC's and about 80 percent tread life left.

Thanks in advance

04-15-04, 07:55 AM
Very simple. When you feel vibration.

I balance mine every time I rotate tires, but I'm not a good measure for this because I have my own Coats computer balancer. I don't change weights unless the imbalance is more than about 14 grams.

The key is ensuring that they are balanced correctly in the first place. It is VERY common for the kids at the tire stores to do a static balance with weights on the inboard of the wheel only. They do this because someone yells at them for scratching their wheels when putting weights on the outboard lip. This ignores dynamic balancing and the wheel will basically "wobble" and will especially be felt on the nimble Vette suspension.

A competent balancer will use tape weights just behind the spokes for balancing of the outboard plane. This takes a little extra time but it accomplishes a proper balance without the chance of scratching the wheel.

Best of luck,