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04-14-04, 09:20 PM
I have a 1996 C4 with about 70,000 miles. I have been bugged by what seems to be a periodic leak which I just figured out is ATF, not engine oil. A drip forms at the small hole in the tin cover near the oil drain plug and over time can make a spot about an inch or more in diameter. In reading the forums, I found references to overfilling of the trans causing leaks. I checked the dipstick (hot) and found the fluid level to be consistently over - up to the "S" bend in the stick. I had the dealer change the fluid last fall and have not driven this car much (Chicago Area) over the winter. Is it logical that this amount of overfill can be the cause of a leak like this? I intend to rig up some hose on a suction pump and remove some of the fluid. The Trans seems to shift fine and everything else seems to be fine - just looking for a second opinion on this situation.


04-14-04, 09:49 PM
Have you checked the bolts on the tranny fluid pan? Those bolts aren't meant to be too tight and could possibly come loose causing a small leak. Didn't happen on my Vette' but it did happen with the Z28 I have.

04-14-04, 10:00 PM
Hi Edmond and thanks for the reply. The bolts seem to be tight (but not over tight) and the pan is generally dry. The dealer replaced the filter and had all that off... so anything is possible and I'll check again when I get it in the air. The source of the drip is through the tin cover that covers the torque converter and flywheel. There is a small (about 3/16") hole at the bottom - probably to let moisture (and oil) drain out of there from wherever it comes from. I am thinking that the overfill condition is letting oil leak from somewhere in the converter area - but I'm not sure.



04-15-04, 06:17 AM
That sounds like it might be the front trans seal :w

04-15-04, 07:55 AM
That sounds like it might be the front trans seal :w
Hope not. Check your dipstick grommet located at the front left side of the pan and slightly above. Mine did the same thing you are talking about, it is not uncommon and an easy, cheap fix.
Good luck!

04-15-04, 11:52 AM
mine was leaking where the speedo sensor is located

04-15-04, 09:56 PM
Thanks for the updates. I am going to check that grommet at the dipstick. So far, I used a hand siphon and hose to drain almost a full quart of ATF out of the trans through the dipstick tube. When cold and hot, the fluid level is reading in the normal ranges. Also, I am not getting any drips, but need to get under there and clean things up to know for sure if that overfilling was contributing. There is a little wetness near the spedo sensor, and that appears to be an 'o' ring fix. So... at least this does not seem serious. This is a great forum and I appreciate the feedback!

- Larry