View Full Version : Father in law is now a believer

04-13-04, 04:34 PM
My father in law has always looked at my Corvette with an attitude of "whats the big deal". He thought that it was a silly toy that I needed to relive my childhood. That was until this week when he paid a visit. I took him out on a desolate stretch of highway and turned loose all 300 horses. Needless to say, he came away very impressed at the performance of the car. Now he understands why we Corvette people have such an infatuation with our cars. There's just something about the sound of an LT1 at full song! Drive On!

04-13-04, 04:43 PM
I hope he was wearing his "Depends" ;LOL

04-13-04, 04:54 PM
:D Where there are Corvetts, you will never have a DULL moment.....Enjoy !!!!!

04-13-04, 06:07 PM
Its gotta be something with father-in-laws, mine would'nt ride in a Vette for all the money in the world!!!!! And I think, OK, its HIS LOSS!!!! Come to think of it, He would'nt ride in my truck either,especially after I turned HIS air-bag OFF!!!!:L :L :L MAYBE HE GOT THE HINT!!!!!!!!!

04-13-04, 06:15 PM
"whats the big deal"
My wife was the same way until she sat in and drove a new one......now I'm 40+k poorer.........at least I get to take it to the gas station...........