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04-12-04, 04:47 PM
Im trying to paint my hoodliner. How to i get it it off i see all the circles but they dont seem to want to come out!


04-12-04, 09:22 PM
Cmon I know someone knows how to do this!!!


04-12-04, 10:46 PM
Just gently pull them out. A large screwdriver or putty knife makes it easier.

04-13-04, 01:00 AM
I used a large flat blade screwdriver. Just pry a little around each one. Don't try to get them out from one side only. However, if you do break one I believe they are cheap to replace.

When you re-install your liner, you may have to hammer them a bit to get them back in. I used the handle end of the screwdriver with no problems.

04-13-04, 10:21 PM
What paint are you going to use? I want to paint mine also, but I want to make sure that I am using heat resistant materials or whatever so that it doesn't damage the engine & what not...

04-14-04, 01:08 AM
I painted the liner overall with Krylon flat black to make a good basecoat. Then I detailed the embossing with Testors paint pens. My colors of choice were white, silver and red. All told it took me about 4 hours. And the good thing...if I get tired of the painted liner I can spray it flat black again!

04-14-04, 07:02 AM
had a young lady from Texas by the name of "MISS PAULA" paint a unique scheme for my 2001 Z - she also did the same scheme on my gas cap

04-14-04, 08:12 AM
Thanks for the help guys. Im using Silver and red.


04-14-04, 02:55 PM
One of our members has a very detailed web page with pictures:


04-17-04, 09:16 PM
I have decided to go with Ms. Paula H. also. I have sent her my design idea. She was really nice and returned my email right away. I can't wait to see my ideas on the vette canvas...

04-18-04, 11:53 PM
I finished mine the other day after breaking about 5 of those black things. I just ended up getting all new ones. Talk about expensive i paid 22 bucks for 15 black plastic circles! The hoodliner came out great though!


04-19-04, 12:56 AM
I had no idea those retainers were so expensive!!