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04-12-04, 03:35 PM
Are there any problems with using mobil 1 synthetic ATF in the 4+3 tranny.
If there are is there any brand that is prefered or best for my transmission?

Thanks in advance

04-12-04, 08:26 PM
Using it in the OD portion should be fine. Use a good gear oil in the 4-speed portion.

When you replace the pan on the OD unit, toss out the cork gasket and use a good quality black RTV sealant. Does a much better job of sealing; you need to completely remove any traces of ATF from the sealing surfaces before you apply the sealant. Use non-chlorinated brake parts cleaner to clean the mating surfaces.

The key to long life for the OD unit is regular maintenance. Change the ATF and filter every 20K miles or so.