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04-11-04, 07:22 PM

I would like to introduce myself to the forum and say after 62 years how great it is to own a corvette. I just this weekend picked up a nice 86 coupe with low low miles and in great condition . In my years of owning cars I have had custom cars as well as antiques.
This vette will bring more pleasure than all of the other put together.

I do have a question for the more experianced vette owners.
As most of the corvettes I have seen seem to have a problem with wear or tears on the left side of the driver seat.
As mine is just scuffed I was wondering if is is possable to swap the drivers seat for the passenger seat thus evening out the wear and tear.
Thanks Ken in Calgary

04-11-04, 09:16 PM
Yep...just look under the front of the seat, you will see a steel wire...push it towards the rear of the car and the seat bottom lifts out...if you want to change the backs...look at the photo I posted in this thread..