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04-08-04, 07:32 PM
Hi everyone, this my first post and I am currently in the market for a C4, however, I'm torn between the L98 or the LT1. Right now I have around 8 grand to spend. By the end of the summer, I'll have around 10-11. I will turn 21 in a few months. It will be my daily driver, for now. I plan to keep it as stock as possible. My questions are, what are the differences in power between both engines. Is the 230-250hp in the L98s sufficient? Or is it worth the wait to get an LT1. I am not looking to race it or anything but power is always good. I'd like to get something before the summer starts but. I do not want anything with really high miles. Final question, should I go for a lower mileage L98 or wait a few months and get an LT1 with higher mileage? Thanks in advance.

KREX 725
04-08-04, 07:54 PM
I was in your shoes about a year ago. I'll leave the engine opinions up to the more experienced members, since I've only driven the LT1 and LS1.

My personal choice came down to styling. 1991 saw the ZR1 style bumper updates. I personally liked that style better so it narrowed my choice down to 91-96. I also got hooked on wanting Admiral Blue, so my choices were even less available.

I then started checking my local newspaper online (vette section), Ebay Motors, AutoTrader.com (where I finally found mine), and other various websites with vettes for sale. It was the first thing I checked every morning for months. (I also bookmarked my search results so I didn't have to re-imput everything each time I went to the site)

The only other piece of advice I can offer is that you be ready to go on a moment's notice. I missed an admiral blue by hours because I didn't act fast enough. It took a few more weeks and a four hour drive to get mine.

Good luck!!!!!

04-09-04, 01:52 AM
I have a preference for the 84-90 body style, as I think it is cleaner than the 91-96 body style (I never cared for the convex rear bumper). I think you'd be very happy with an L98. If you've never owned a corvette, the L98 would be a good starter corvette, and the engine was available until 1991. Of course, no one will ever complain about having the additional 60 hp that you would get with the lt1. I think with your budget you could find a lower-mileage l98 in pretty good condition. Personally I would shy away from high-mileage cars, even given the fact that today's engines, given proper care, can easily go 150,000 miles with no major problems, but of course that's largely dependent on what kind of care the car has been given by previous owner(s), which of course is a black hole; the truth is that you have no idea how the car was treated, even given a stack of maintenance records (which you should have anyway, by the way). If the car does not have the maintenance records, then it's not the car for you in any case. Of course you'll have the car checked out thoroughly by a mechanic before buying it!

There are lots of very knowledgable people in this forum, so if you ever have a question, you're sure to get an answer here. Good luck.

04-09-04, 06:26 AM
Hey Joe,
I like the LT1 myself. You should take the time and read the enhancements of the LT1 design. Reverse flo cooling, no water crossover, fewer leaks. I can't remember all of it but very interesting read. I guess it's all about body style preference, they all look nice. My personal favorites are from 93-96. Good luck in your choice.

44 Mag
04-09-04, 08:53 AM
I think most everyone is going to side on whatever they currently own. Every year brought enhancements/refinements that we think makes our year model the better. I think you need to focus more on "bang for your buck", and don't get in a hurry. With $8-10K, you might have to look for a little while to get the most for your money. Just keep your eyes open. Good luck :D

04-09-04, 09:19 AM
It not only depends on how much you have to spend now. It also depends on how much you're going to have to spend in the future. LT1 or L98, you're going to end up spending money working on the car. Whether it be repairs or mods.

Personally, I think that C4 prices will drop with the premier of the C6. The C6 debut should send a small ripple effect because a lot of people want to be the first to own the new car on the block. Some may sell for less than they're asking.

If you are not that mechanically inclined, I would go for the L98 because it's easier to work on. It's a throwback SBC. When I look at the LT1 motor on the other cars we have, I shudder and get scared!:L:L:L

04-10-04, 12:50 AM
Have you test driven a C4 yet? If not you should. I have an 86 convertible and it is well taken care of. It was bought 10 years ago with 42000 miles and it has twice that now and i have not had any problems. There are more considerations when buying a car other than hp. the L98 cars have the digital dash, which for me is awesome. Sure they can have problems but so far so good with mine. Also styling like everyone else has said. When my 86 was pretty much stock, with the exception of a chip, it was pulling my uncle's 92 out of the hole everytime. The LT1 might produce more HP, but the L98 is a torque monster. Well look around and find something you like because your going to have to drive it, and spend money on it. If you need more help just right back and let us know of your progress.

Good Luck