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04-07-04, 09:36 PM
Hi everybody...

My a/c-heat blower switch only works on "high." I've replaced the switch, but still the same problem...any suggestions? Also, I need some advice on switching out my headlight knob...do I have to take the whole dash off for that? I've tried to order a Helms manual, but they are currently out of stock for the '86...can anyone help? Thanks....

Moonunit 451
04-07-04, 09:44 PM
Welcome Chris :w You're lucky, mine won't work on high! :( There are two relays. give me a few and I'll find a recent post on this where I was asking questions. They are cheap. Do you have the manual heat contols or the climate control. The headlight swithch is easy. I'll get to it if someone hasn't already. :)

Moonunit 451
04-07-04, 09:58 PM
Here ya go, everything you need to know. On the headlight knob there is a small tab in the front side you need to get a small object into and it slides right off. Never done it, but I've seen the question and answer many times, it's easy.

I'd sure like to know how you replaced th fan switch if you don't mind, and the cost, cause I think that's next for me. Maybe you could send me your old one if it wasn't the problem :w

04-08-04, 05:32 PM
my 85 does the same thing, I replaced the relay shown in the link and didn't change a thing.

04-08-04, 07:55 PM
Bingo! Thanks a million, Moonunit! I replaced the relay, and my blower works at all speeds. I have my old switch, and I'd be more than happy to send it to you. I really appreciate the advice. To get to the switch, I had to remove the center console and the dash. The unit holding the switch pulls out, and the switch is held in by two small bolts, which were easy to remove with a small box wrench...I bough a hole new nob/stem for the headlight. When I turn the lights on, the knob comes off in my hand. The stem is solid, but it's the little retainer that's not sticking to the knob anymore...I was going to try to superglue it back onto the stem, and put a brand knew knob on it. What do you think? I'd hate to have to remove any more of the dash to replace the stem as well, especially since it's functioning just fine.

Moonunit 451
04-08-04, 10:47 PM
I haven't had any of the dash out myself yet, but I need to to replace a bulb in the instrument panel. Everything I've read about this makes it sound simple. You sould be able to access that switch then without any trouble I would think. I have a link that I'll look for that has great info on the proceedure, or you could try a Search on the forum that might get you what you need. Try instrament cluster, removal or something like that. I'm not great on searches.

Someone else will probly respond soon as well, patience is good here :) I'll send you and e-mail. Glad you got your blower working :beer