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04-07-04, 01:16 PM
From the Bowling Green Performance Press, 4-9-2004:

"It's a pleasure to be back home in Bowling Green at my favorite plant,"
GM vice-president Joe Spielman told a standing room only audience of employees in the Tour Room Monday.

The VP said he had made many good decisions in his career, and one was to bring Wil Cooksey to the Corvette Plant. One of his worst decisions was not keeping the plant manager's job here for himself.

An ardent fan of Corvette, Spielman said the automotive business has "gotta be in your blood and your heart." He already has a C6 on order which should be built later this summer in his favorite Corvette color -red.

He added that it is "always great to be back in Bowling Green where some of the finest people in the world work."

As for our customers, Joe noted that we really need to deliver as the people who buy our cars "rub them, hug them, hold them and love them."

The quality needs to be there on the C5, the new C6 and the XLR, which is quickly gaining a following all its own. "I'm proud of Bowling Green, the vehicles, the union-management relationships."

On other topics, Spielman noted:

Automotive market: Not bad, but not really good. Cars that are selling well include the Cavalier, Grand Prix, Colorado Canyon, and full size pickup trucks. The Malibu is selling like wildfire. We're seeing a slowdown in mid-size sport utilities.

The message to employees is to keep talking to people about our vehicles. If we can just get potential customers in our vehicles, there's a 39% chance
they'll buy one. GM has the largest variety of cars and trucks in the world. We all need to get out and sell them.

Vehicle Incentives: This trend will probably continue for some time. As customers come to like a product more, we can back off a little.

C6 Launch: Should be absolutely flawless. The customers expect the best there is.

Outsourcing: GM does more in house work than anybody in the world. We will continue to use some outsourcing, but less than other companies.

Camaro: There are no plans on the books at this time.

Bottom Line: Remember when you're building Corvette that it's MY

04-08-04, 12:17 PM
Nice report, thanks for the goood info! :)

04-10-04, 12:44 PM
Thanks for the report. It is a dream of mine to meet Joe and shake his Hand. He had as much if not more to do with keeping the Corvette Alive.