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04-06-04, 12:49 PM
Where can I find reasonably priced fuel injectors for a stock 85 vette? I am looking to replace all 8. Five-o motor sports has some (FMS/Bosch) for a little under $200. How are these? Everything I can find says they are the same specs as the stock injectors that come in the 85 vette? Any other recommendations.....

04-06-04, 02:44 PM
FMS I take is Ford Motor Sports?

They are spec'd at 24 lb/hr if so.

The $200 sounds like rebuilds to me. You're probably looking at 60 to 80 apiece for true replacement (22 lb/hr).

04-07-04, 12:21 PM
Thanks for the information....FMS does stand for Ford Motor Sports... Accordigng to Five-O motors sports, the FMS/Bosch ones match all specs as the stock. They are not Brand spanking new, they have less then 20 miles on them....they do come with a warranty to. Other things I have read in other forums said that the 85 vette stock replacement injectors...even Ecklers and Mid-America are 24 lbs/hr..... That is my reasoning for the post...

04-07-04, 02:06 PM
WHy are you replacing them? Sometimes one or two will stick if the car sets with water in fuel that has made it to the injector. If none of them are stuck, you should be able to run a stiff cleaner through and have them close to as good as new. If one or two did stick, just replace the bad ones.

Good luck,

04-08-04, 12:38 PM
I am replacing them because I failed emissions...Too many Hydrocarbons. I took the car in and the the mechanics narrowed everything down to Cylinder #2. When they disconnected the fuel injector and ran it thru the emissions test, it passed just fine. The mechanic said it could be one of three things....
1. Bad Fuel injector...or leaky fuel inejctor. -( I check the resistance and got about 16ohms, so I am thinking maybe it is stuck.)
2. Burned valve and car needs a valve job
3. or a flat spot in the CAM on #2.
Of course any of the above items isn't cheap. I ran some fuel injector cleaner...the Chevron/Techron through it and it seems to run about the same. From everything I have read, it would appear that it may be a fuel injector.....Rough idle-( Kinda searches up and down) Upon acceleration, it sputters/jerks. I figured I could change out the injectors and if you do one, you might as well do them all.
I am certainly open to any other options......
My vette is an '85 with about 84,000 miles on it. It isn't driven everyday and sits during the winter in the Midwest. I was hoping that the fuel injector cleaner would take care of it, but it hasn't.
I am torn between the Accel 24# injectors from Jegs and the FMS/Bosch 24# injectors from Five-O motorsports. According to everyone I have talked to or emailed....the '85 came stock with 24# injectors so there isn't a problem.....

Any other thoughts??

04-08-04, 12:45 PM
I noticed at one point that SLP had what they called 25lb injectors for 99.95. You may want to call them and check it out.

04-08-04, 03:38 PM
From what you said, I think replacing the injectors at this point is just throwing parts and blind hope at the problem. You are not finished with your diagnosis. Do a compression test first. Assuming that the problem is indeed one of those three, a compression check will tell you if it is something besides the injector on that hole.

I see this alot. You need to thoroughly diagnose the problem before taking action and buying/replacing parts.

Hope this helps,

04-09-04, 08:45 AM
I noticed at one point that SLP had what they called 25lb injectors for 99.95. You may want to call them and check it out.
I replaced mine a few months ago with the ones from SLP Online. $99.95 for a set of 8. Theyre Bosch and are actually the standard injectors used in the LS1 engine. The fit and run perfect in my '91 L98. The locking rings were different and they didnt send any so you could eother modify the injectors with a hack saw. I did that to several to get the locking rings to fit and its not as bad as it sounds, lol. Or you can do what I eventually did and leave the locking rings completely off. The fuel rails hold them nice and snug in place no problem. There was a long thread about this at another vette forum as I was replacing them. Several other guys boght them right away after I put mine in. It seems they dont fit on LT1's though and a couple guys said the ones they got were too short to fit right in their L98's. I just checked my link for them at SLP Online and it just says that part number doesnt exist anymore. I was having a problem with a really rough idle and suspected it was the injectors but when I took it in for a smog check last year the place blew out the one injector that was measuring way low impedance. It was 3.5 ohms and is sposed to be 17 ohms. Replacing them made a really big difference in low end performance but the real stunner was in top end. I took it for a cruise right afterwards and was on the freeway, late nite no traffic, at about 80 or so mph and mashed the loud pedal and it set me right back in my seat hard as it blew into triple digit speeds. I was stunned at the difference!

04-09-04, 06:40 PM
Already done....Compressions test of Cylinder # 2 was 160PSI.....According to the mechanic....That was fine......