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04-05-04, 06:11 PM
Ok here's the question,

On my 84 I turn the key and the horn goes off (Alarm System I guess). My girlfriend told me the security light in the dash has been staying on for the past few weeks. We have been going through alternators like crazy, and I replaced the starter because it seemed like the solenoid could be sticking. Now I can't get it started. Except sometimes if I'm VERY luck it starts. Battery has a full charge, I hear all the normal clicks, but it's dead when I try to crank the starter.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated. I'm not much of an electrician. :hb But I'll keep trying.

04-06-04, 08:00 PM
With so many different "gremlins" happening at once, the first thing I'd hunt for is bad battery and/or ground connections. Inspect the battery connections closely first. Then move on to the "other" end of the battery cable(s), particularly to the starter itself (lot of heat down there tends to not make nice with the starter electrical connections), and the main ground strap to the engine block.

If you don't already have a digital voltmeter...time to get one.


04-06-04, 08:13 PM
I think you are right Bill,

Time for me to get a voltmeter. Hopefully I can figure out how to use it. I've been looking for loose wires. From some of the other posts it seems that grounding is a problem on these cars. The starter is new and I have checked under there without lifting the car but I guess I'm going to have to get serious and spend a little time on her.



04-06-04, 08:34 PM
It'll be a good learning experience at least! :)

Just let us know if you get stuck.