View Full Version : Dash died found pink with black stripe wire hanging loose

04-04-04, 03:37 PM
After fixing the Clutch switch so the car will start, now no dash at all found p/b wire hanging loose seems to come from up above the steering column, anybody know where it might go or maybe its sumthin else. Can't find any decent wiring diagrams anywhere. It is an 85 with the star wars dash. Does it ever end ?

04-04-04, 04:21 PM
The pink/black wires that I can find from the instrument cluster diagrams are: ignition power from cluster fuse
ignition power from injector 1 fuse
battery power from LCD fuse (hot at all times)
charge indicator

Is everything functioning properly? I discovered a lone gray wire hanging down from that area in my '87 and still haven't figured out what that one is for. It was there before I made my dash conversion too.

Even with that loose wire, everything's working on mine. ;shrug

04-04-04, 04:29 PM
no everything is not ok, The dash has nuthin and that wire is the only thing I can find that has changed.. probably have to take it in tomorrow since I have to take in from the slave cylinder coming loose and after fixing all that It still won't go into 1st gear, and in the same plex as the tranny place is an automotive electrical place.

04-06-04, 08:15 PM
I don't know how similar 85 dash wiring is to 84, but you can browse through the 84 wiring diagrams if you like:



04-13-04, 08:05 AM
I just replaced my dash a month ago.......now everything works great.....I got it thru FPARTS-Your Source For LT1 and LS1 Engines/index.htm (http://www.fparts.us/) it was 499.00 with no core....It was simple to put in.....no problem at all....

04-13-04, 09:27 AM
Actually I go in about 15 min to a shop that specializes in digital dases so well see what happens,