View Full Version : Solid Targa Top Corner Repair?

04-04-04, 02:06 PM
I located a previous year solid top for my '04 C5, but one of the corners looks like it was sanded away since if doesn't fit the trim any more and you can visually see a gap where it should follow the rest of the body line. I suspect that the previous owner dropped the top on the corner and did a poor man's repair. A vette driver would see it right away, while a non-vette owner may look at it and not fully realize what they are looking at. But I would like to get it fixed right since I tend to keep my vehicles a long time.

So my related questions are four-fold. What material is the top made out of, and is there a specific type of body shop that I should bring it to in order to get fixed? Also are there differences in the trim/weatherstripping between the C5 model years, and how easy is it to obtain and replace the weatherstripping?

- Wisdom

04-05-04, 07:13 PM
ttt - I know the topic question is probably a silly question to ask, especially to a forum full of car experts - but I have never had to have body work done on a vehicle part before. If I knew what I needed to be looking for, then I wouldn't be asking the question.

On the other hand, ask me about the Space Station or computers and we can talk!

- Wisdom

04-05-04, 07:37 PM
I feel that the only silly question is the one that isnt asked, The top is some sort of fiber glass or f.g.reinforced plastic. Ask around your area for body shops,Not sure about diff. trims, but I think they are all the same!! weather strips at any chevy dealer or aftermarket supplier, Good Luck!!:D Oh, by the way, We are only 1/2 full of experts!!!!!! YOU figure out which 1/2 Haaaaaaaaa!!!:_rock

04-05-04, 10:05 PM
Thanks drags1998, I'm not sure if the C5's were fiberglass or some other molded composite or epoxy. I suspect that they are more of the epoxy than anything else. The same with the top. That's why I'm not sure if there's a special process that needs to be followed to add material to a corner. Looks like I'll just look around for a busy bodyshop...


- Wisdom