View Full Version : I need a clutch hose

04-01-04, 01:28 PM
I have been waiting for over 2 weeks for an order from Ecklers for the hose that runs from the master clutch cylinder to the slave cylinder. They don't expect to even get the part until the 13 of this month. I need my car. anybody know where I can get one quick, I have contacted Corvette Graveyard and they are looking too.

04-01-04, 01:45 PM
I am wondering if you can have one made at a local hydraulics shop. I checked TLD...Mid America...and Corvette Central ...nothing available

04-01-04, 01:50 PM
Call Jason at 1-815-673-6200. If he has it he will overnight it.

04-01-04, 01:56 PM
I checked all the same corvette america, midamerica and even the dealer shows it discontinued.. called jasons and left number well see what happens.. Thanx

04-01-04, 02:30 PM
The best suggestion here is to just go to a hydraulics hose shop. You can find one in the yellow pages.

Take them your existing hose and they will recrimp new rubber hose using your old metal components. It will be less expensive than buying a whole new hose and you can have it immediately.

Good luck,

04-01-04, 06:55 PM
MBDIAGman thanx after calling 2 places the second one said bring the old hose and it will be done.. thanx again..

04-02-04, 11:10 AM
The 84-88 hoses have not been available for quite awhile. Eckler's is not a reasonable source for anything in the way of OEM replacement parts.

The suggestions about going to a shop that builds hoses are the way to go. As long as you have the ends and can tell a shop what length to build, that will be the easiest route.

It won't be long before the hydraulic hoses for the later C4's are out of production.

04-02-04, 03:48 PM
Hose is fixed $45 better than Ecklers whose new sprint/summer catalog showed it for $67 but add it to the cart and its $119. Just called them back to cancel the order, now if it would only stop raining here in Phoenix so I could fix it, garage is so full of wifes stuff have to wait. thanx for all your help

04-03-04, 08:13 PM
Finally got the hose in, now car won't start, no dash now either. Finally got car to start, by bypassing the clutch switch but still no dash. Anybody know where I can get decent wiring diagram(s) to print ??

04-03-04, 08:47 PM
These are for an 84 ...but they are pretty much the same for an 85


BTW...I think their is a ground strap right around where the slave is located...it goes to the bell housing from the dash