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03-30-04, 04:09 PM
My 86 coupe throws a code 32 after I drive it on the highway for 20 or so miles. When I park it and restart it after it is cold, the SES light goes away but comes back on after another 20 miles...does not seem to do it in city only driving.

I replaced the silver covering on the EGR pipe when I changed the valve covers, so I check to see the pipe was clear...also, I replaced the electrical switch that attaches to the pipe at the intake manifold (EGR temp switch???).

The car runs great and the problems does not seen to affect the car at all...I just would like it fixed...any ideas??? Thanks

03-30-04, 06:22 PM
Probably the most common source of code 32 is the switch that you already replaced. I have not seen a stopped up EGR pipe, but if that happened it could certainly set the code since the switch would not be able to heat up when it should.

The other thing to investigate is the module that applies vacuum to the EGR valve. It is located at the left front of the engine under the front edge of the plenum. It gets a ground supplied from the ECM and has a fused hot on the other side. When actuated, it supplies vacuum to the EGR valve.

Also, you should check the wiring to the EGR switch that you replaced. If it is open, I think you will get a CEL whenever the engine warms up and the ECM sees no ground from the switch.

Good luck,

03-31-04, 02:19 PM
Thanks, Doc

I appreciate the info and it gives me something else to look for....