View Full Version : Lug nuts and missing storage bin

03-28-04, 10:27 PM
It was a beautiful day here and I spent most of it doing my first real cleaning of my wife's '92. You learn lots of things poking around trying get things clean.

First of all, are there plastic covers on the lug nuts? Sure looks like it. I tugged at them with a pliers but they wouldn't come off. Before I break something, how is this done?

Secondly there appears to be two wells behind the seats, what's in the one that's screwed shut? Could look for my self, but I'm just lazy and I know someone out there will tell me


03-28-04, 10:39 PM
The lug nut covers unscrew. ;)

Both of the cargo storage ares in the rear should open too, they should not be screwed closed. ;shrug

03-28-04, 10:47 PM
The bin behind the drivers seat contains the ABS & SRC modules, that is if it's the same as 95?

03-29-04, 08:47 AM
The lug nut covers unscrew with the lug wrench. When you put them back, hand tighten them.

The bin behind behind the drivers seat is supposed to be screwed down. It houses the ABS and Selective Ride stuff (if you have it). Not much need to open it as there ain't a lot of room left for anything else in it.

03-29-04, 01:15 PM
See I just knew there was someone out there dying to tell me.

Thanks Folks!