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03-28-04, 10:15 PM
Just got back today from a Corvette show. There were a bunch of cars with the 3M clear guard plastic on the front of their cars. The dealership is offering the service for $795.00 installed. It covers the whole bumper, headlight covers, and mirrors. Anyone have this on their cars? How much did you pay for the product installed ?

03-29-04, 10:42 PM
I've seen the product at SEMA and the LA Auto Show. For the entire kit that price is about what I recall. It does protect the paint and looks better on some colors than others. I'm not real familiar with how clearstatic works, but you might look into that too. The 3M stuff is a one time installation, not reusable.


Paul T
03-29-04, 11:32 PM
I had the 3M material put on my rocker panels for the 50th caravan last year and I am less than impressed with the results. Some of the rocks penetrated through the film and still took paint off the the panels. It also bubbled in some spots. One of the sides looked so bad after the trip I removed it. The other side is still installed but beginning to peel on the edges. I forgot what thickness was installed but it sure needed to be be thicker. The cost for the two rocker panels was $200.00. Poorer but wiser today. Clearstatic is removable and reusable but I don't know if it will provide any better protection. You should check with someone who has used it to get their reaction. Good luck.

03-30-04, 03:03 AM
Another question regarding Cleartastic is whether they have product for the front of the car. In the past (2003), Cleartastic was only advertising for rocker panels and mirrors.

03-30-04, 02:22 PM
Cleartastic Web site: http://www.cleartastic.com

03-30-04, 06:48 PM
Rob, I explored the cleartastic.com site. While there is a larger mix of coverage (sill protection was new), I still did not see anything that would protect the front of the car (which is where protection is needed the most). Could I have missed something?

Paul T
03-30-04, 07:07 PM
Could I have missed something?[/QUOTE]
Probably not. I talked to the owner last year when he had just finished engineering the rear view mirror package and he said the compound curves there drove them crazy. When you look at all the compound curves on the front end, they are most likely having the same problems trying to cover the front. The 3M stuff is unable to completely cover the front where it starts to wrap around the sides. I ended up buying a SpeedLingerie bra for my C5 and have been real happy with the results. The soft flannel lining has prevented any scratching to date. Some of our club members have had the 3M material applied to the front and they had to make the cutoff just as it started bending around the sides. You can detect where the material ends and wax collects along the edges making a good detailing some work.

03-30-04, 07:35 PM
Paul, How long have you had the SpeedLingerie bra on for? Is it easy to put on and take off ? I had the lousy Vinyl one on the 78 and was a bear to remove/put on. I just hate to cover the nose. It seems that your trying to hide something.
Its funny that there isn't much hoopla about the 3M protectant. All the cars that I saw, it looked pretty good with no peeling. Does anyone think that the temperature when installing would have something to do with it's longetivity? There has to be some flexing sitting out in the hot direct sunlight !! I remember the old days when I used Contact paper on the Squire wagon. First sunlight and off it came, peeling like and Irishman with a sunburn :-)

Paul T
03-30-04, 11:33 PM
Mike, I have had the bra for almost a year now and try to take it off when not planning a trip. I used it almost constantly on the caravan and after for over five weeks without a problem. The part I like about the installtion is there is no velcro strips, screwed in tabs, etc. You mount two plastic clips in the front of the front wheel wells using existing screws so you can remove it and there are no after effects. It can be somewhat difficult to install in cold weather as you really have to stretch the bra to get that last bit of material needed to hook on the last clip. But, that is what makes it so good at high speeds. Supposedly no movement up to 120mph, but I haven't been at that speed with it on. Whatever extra muscles needed to get it on is worth the effort in the performance and lack of damage to the paint. They have a web site(?) where you can download the installation instructions. I think it is www.speedlingerie.com, but they advertise in all the Corvette magazines with the web address.

04-05-04, 02:42 PM
I have invisigard on my car.


04-05-04, 03:13 PM
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