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03-17-04, 08:52 AM
Why doesn't the NCRS collect information on Vettes as they come out rather than going back years later to compile the information? It would seem easier to me to collect the numbers and codes now rather than later when many of the cars have had repairs made to them.

Of course, the information would have to be kept for 20 years after it is collected...

03-17-04, 12:05 PM
Interesting idea - the NCRS started with an idea and it slowly has expanded - when they started the organization, the only Corvette that was considered "old" at the time, was the SOLID AXLES. They have slowly, expanded to where they now judge cars up to 1986. And this year, we are judging up to 1989! In fact, my local chapter - Mason Dixon will be the first chapter to actually judge through 1989 at our meet on March 28.

There is a move afoot to begin gathering information on the 1990-1996 year group.

03-23-04, 02:48 AM
It doesn't see to me like the NCRS is going to stop judging cars after a certain year. Such as saying "We won't judge any cars later than '96 ever!" So, I think collecting the info now would be a good idea. You could take pictures to document things.

One thing that comes to mind for C5s is the job number painted on the tires. There is a 4 digit job number painted on the tires so they can be matched up to the proper body on the assembly line. In 20 years virtually no one is going to have the original tires for their car. What will happen to the score without having the original tires. Not just the original TYPE but the actual tires that CAME with the car? Or will anyone care that the number is not on the tires?

I'm guessing these are the types of questions you go over when determining what to judge on a particular car.

03-23-04, 08:37 AM

I know that there are "individuals" who are documenting their C5's on their own - whether NCRS is doing anything in this area - I honestly don't know, as I am a relatively new member about 2 years and am really concentrating on restoring my 1963 to try and do the NCRS campaign this year - all the way to the National Convention in Windsor, Ontario, Canada!!!!!!!