View Full Version : Huge C6 Photo & Video Galleries

03-08-04, 07:38 AM
I shot over an hour of the C6 footage at the Cleveland Auto Show on Sunday, March 6th.

There are close to 40 picutures in there so here's the link to the gallery: C6 Photo Gallery (http://www.thedetailingbible.com/358181.html)

Here's the video: "The Final Count Down" (http://www.thedetailingbible.com/files//3245321.mpg)

I've called it The Final Countdown because that's pretty much where we're at with the end of the C5 production and the beginning of the C6 assembly line. You also might recognize the song as the intro to a song by the same title. This is the first of 2 videos of the C6 that I'll be doing. The 2nd one will be more on technical side of things and feature some exclusive music from my friend Ryan Bell.

Length: 1 minute 45 second

File Size: 7.2 megabite

Format: MPEG