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Greg C
03-07-04, 10:18 AM
Going to be taking my C5 out of winter storage soon (Michigan). It's been covered and a Battery Tender has been on the battery. Anything I need to do before starting it up for the first time? First time I have stored it for the winter since I purchased the car last summer.....I supposed I should expect alot of messages in the Message center?......(that's a question and a statement).
Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.....

GS Diva
03-07-04, 10:58 AM
We also use the battery "tender" type of charger on both of our Corvettes. We've had no problems at all, no messages, nothing needing to be reset, etc. All we have done is disconnect the charger and start it right up!


03-07-04, 11:29 AM
I have yet to store my 2004 . . . I purchased it the last weekend of Jan 2004. However I have stored my motorcycles for years. I have used the little trickle chargers and they work very well. A good accessory for $50.

My further inquiry is that when I store my bikes I use an additive to the fuel called Stabil. It prevents the fuel from becoming gelled and clogging the carbs and or injectors (depending on what you have). I know folks who do not use this product and they usually have problems when they go to start their engines after prolonged storage. Anyone have any history with preventing fuel problems during storage ?

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Greg C
03-07-04, 11:35 AM
I guess I forgot to mention that I also used Stabil in the Vette as well as my 72 442 and the Harley...........(and my power washer, the lawn mower, the generator......yada, yada)

03-07-04, 11:36 AM
If you have an automatic, it would be a good idea to let the engine idle and put the transmission in neutral. That gets the fluids moving in the transmission. Leaving it in park doesn't. So I've been told by a transmission guy.

03-07-04, 11:45 AM
Storing motorcycles (my only experience with vehicle storage) a lot of folks also change the oil after a long cold winter. Yes they also are using synthetic oils like Mobil 1. I am not sure what the rationale is for changing the oil. I think it is the accumulation of water with the changes in temperatures in the pan. I do not plan on changing the oil in my C5 but thought I would pass along that comment

03-07-04, 06:53 PM
i ran mine some during the winter. Just let it idle a while to charge up the battery. It eventually died the other day i forgot to start it. Just jumped it and it fired up right away as usual. I took it around the block today. Couldnt go too far because im not going to be insured until April. Thing ran awesome. So much faster than my winter beater 6 cylinder camaro!

Good Luck,

03-08-04, 03:03 PM
Hi I new to the site.
But I would let it warm up good and take it for a long ride to get it good and hot. This is to get rid of any condensation that might have formed in storage.

03-08-04, 07:46 PM
Hi Greg,
I got very, very, very lucky. All right, getting the Vette stuck in mud wasn't fortuitous, but was remidied. I kept my Vette out (covered) all winter (check the address). When I tried to start it, the Vette started like it was new. I dodged a 45 cal bullett. Next winter, it's the battery charger.
But the good news is, not that I saved money on car insurance, I got to drive it recently. Man, what a rush.
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