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03-04-04, 06:20 PM
Does anyone know what the AM/FM mono radio that came as the standard base unit in 81s and 82s EXACTLY looks like? Specifically, were the knobs chrome or black? Was the bezel that surrounded the dial satin chrome or black?

I have obtained an almost new AM/FM stereo unit which has black knobs and a black bezel, but my car originally came with a mono unit, and that's really what I want to get if possible. I just saw a mono radio for sale that puportedly is for an 82 Corvette, but the knobs and bezel are chrome, not black. To my way of thinking, if the stereo unit is black, so would be the mono unit. I wonder if this radio is from some other GM car?

By the way, YES, a mono radio was indeed the type these cars came with if no optional radio was speceified at the time of order, you just may have never seen one; as best as I can tell (using the extrapolation method from the Corvette Black Book), only about 460 cars were so equipped over these two model years. As such, not so easy to find.

03-11-04, 10:06 AM
Specifically, were the knobs chrome or black?

Too bad we didn't possibly hook up sooner. I have a '79 and last year purchased a factory origninal radio an Delco AM/FM Sterero W/Cassette Tape. It had the chrome push buttons, chrome slide bar and chrome knobs that had "symbols" stamped on the knobs. This wasn't correct for my '79 so I removed it and got an correct one except W/8 Track Tape. The GM Model # 2700 and GM Part # 7898490.

I believe the chrome radio is for an 1980-1982 Chevrolet Corvette and possibly some other GM applications of those same years.

After having both radios in my car I must say the chrome one looked and sounded much better!

If you like I can check the GM model and part number for you on the chrome one I took out.


03-18-04, 12:35 PM
My recollection is that the knobs and faceplate trim were mostly black. However, I can tell you this, for sure:

The 1982 mono radio was GM #16001801. This number will appear on the chassis of a correct 1982 mono radio, most likely on a paper tag glued to the unit. This radio was NOT used exclusively for 1981-82, though. It was first used in early 1979 and continued to be used for U69 (mono) Corvette radio applications right through 1982. As far as I can tell, this radio was not used in any other Chevrolet or GM cars. However, very similar radios, save for trim elements, likely were used in other Chevrolet and GM cars.

The knobs used for the U69 (mono) and U58 (stereo) radios were the same for 1981-82 and these knobs were unique to 1981-82 Corvettes. The stereo radio included a fader control knob and the mono radio used a spacer in its place. Otherwise, they were the same.

The knobs on either side were GM #14032043. The tone control knob was GM #14032044. The spacer used for U69 applications was GM #14032045. ALL of these items are GM-discontinued and are difficult to locate in NOS form. I don't know if they are reproduced, or not, but if you find an extra set I sure would be interested.

03-18-04, 07:41 PM
You're right. I do have an extra set of radio knobs that are repo knobs and and rings for my radio. It took me two years to find them! They are hard to find and if you find them the seller wants a pretty penny for them!

I am willing to sell them.

They are plastic chrome with black rings on front of knob and black plastic bezels.

Let me know if you interested.


03-19-04, 12:55 PM
How about some pics

03-21-04, 09:00 PM
Wil try on some PICS. Don't have a digital camera though and not too computer savvy.