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02-26-04, 12:07 AM
Hello everyone, I lost my 99 pewter coupe to a stone wall two days ago. 03 z06 wheels and Borla Stingers torn right off her. I got away with 60 stiches in my head and a bruised ego. My rear tires were worn down pretty good and I was out tearing them up a little more before I put the new ones on. It was just a little wet and cold and the back end got away at 60mph. The car spun completely out off control. I should have respected my bald tires and the road conditions. I was extremely lucky, the car is in pieces. Anyway, found a great deal on a triple black vert today with only 11k on her, 1999. I'll probably buy it Friday. When I first bought my 99 coupe I used a GM touch up paint on the stock 99 wheels before I got the 03 z06's. Got it at Pep Boys. Does anyone know the code for the touch up paint? I'd like to get some for the 99 i will be getting. It worked great, a perfect match. I sold those wheels to a kid with a souped up S-10, he was thrilled. Thanks, and one last thing, these cars that we love handle so good on dry pavement with good tires sometimes we get cocky even when the conditions are'nt so good. I learned a good lesson,Pac-man.

02-26-04, 01:54 AM
Glad you survived. As you said, you were lucky to get away with just stitches. You might consider investing in a performance driving class. That way you can learn about the full capabilities of the car in a safe, controlled setting.

02-26-04, 10:58 AM

First of all it's good to know that you'll be alright. Second - welcome to the CAC and please don't crash the next car. You know there are many reasons why most New England guys keep their vettes garaged during the winter. Spining out of control and crashing into stone walls is just one of them. Other reasons include snow, ice, slush, salt, sand and did I mention stone walls?

Just a suggestion from a really old cranky vette owner. Buy yourself a winter beater and put the vette away until spring. Also make sure the new one has good tires on it because those stonewalls are out there all year long.


02-26-04, 10:46 PM
:Buttslap What were you thinking? Wet roads + bald tires = crash

Take it easy with your new Vette and my damn insurance rates! :nono

Glad you were not hurt too bad. Sixty stitches means it was not just a scratch. It's brave of you to share your tale of stupidity with us. Maybe it will keep the rest of us from repeating that mistake.



Part# 43141

1997-04 Sparkle Silver Factory Wheel Touch-Up Paint $6.99 EA.

02-27-04, 01:34 AM
Thank you for the paint code bluecoupe. Should pick up the vert tomorrow. I figured I'd endure a little embarassment and share my story so no one else does the same stupid thing.

02-27-04, 08:22 PM
I'd list all my stupid mistakes but it would probably crash the forum's file server.


03-02-04, 09:56 AM
I was thinking the same thing. Thank you for humiliating yourself to remind us all of the dangers in cold weather. I drive all winter, but it must be handled like a regular car (as in SLOW) under cold nasty conditions as it doesn't maneuver as well with cold tires. I understand they never take well to wet pavement no matter what season. If I remember correctly, weren't they originally built for a nice, dry, predictably smooth race track?? :L

I'm so glad you are OK, although 60 stitches makes OK relative. How is your face? Is that plastic surgery stitches one on top of the other or regular one an inch apart?? It will take awhile to shake the feelings, having a good cry helps a lot! :cry Let us know how you are doing...the new toy to keep you busy should help. We are meant to learn and go on. Hugs to you!!

03-02-04, 11:37 PM
Luckily my face was spared, they are regular stitches, starting on my upper forehead, going towards the back, branching like a Y. Very lucky. The new triple black vert. is great. Will be lowering it on Thurs. and installing Borla Stingers, JL audio stealth box w/amp and tinting the windows. It came with the airbox allready done. So by next week I'll be back were I left off, save the scar. Buy the way, my insurance co. (Metropolitan) is offering a ridiculously low amt. for my 99 coupe. I will not accept the offer, as it is 5K under the NADA book. They say that they do not go by the book but use it as a guide, they search the area for similiar Vettes and come up with a computer gen. value. Any insight or exp. with this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Poodle for caring about my head, I'm O.K., Pac-man

03-03-04, 01:57 AM
Pac-man, tell the insurance company to put their money where their mouth is and buy you a car that is comparable to the one that was totalled. (Like for like - such as the additional equipment that was on your original car....) If they can't find a similar car, then they will have to deal with the reality of going with some guide such as Kelley Blue Book or NADA, or whatever. Another angle would be to go to Autotrader.com for your area and see what is available that matches your original car. That could further support your claim regarding valuation. Bottom line, unless your policy explicitly states that you must agree to the settlement model being used by the company, you are not compelled to accept their offer. In a worst case situation, you can let a Judge decide; however, I highly doubt that it will ever get to that.