View Full Version : Televised unveiling of C6?

01-03-04, 12:11 PM
I thought I read some where that they were going to unveil the C6 on TV. Does any one know what date, time and what channel it is supposd to be on? I wish I could remember. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

01-03-04, 12:32 PM
I think its supposed to be webcast here http://www.chevrolet.com/corvette/ Tuesday...I would check monday

01-03-04, 01:12 PM
The ad with the C6 was televisied a couple of days before New Years eve. To see the video and some pictures of it just go to Chevrolet website and check "ON TV" . Have fun!!

Hib Halverson
01-03-04, 01:36 PM
There are two ways to view the Detroit Auto Show unveiling and neither are on broadcast or cable TV.

1) Webcast at:
The unveiling will be web cast,
www.chevy.com/corvette <http://opt-in.us/h.asp?m=523456&l=89> (look for
the icon under Corvette News section on January 4, 2004) and www.GM.com

2) Satellite feed:
coordinates: Galaxy 11, Transponder 12 K, Uplink: 14242 Horizontal,
Downlink: 11942 Vertical, 36.000 MHz, Analog, Ku band).

The show is
planned to start at 7:00 pm EST.

01-03-04, 04:57 PM
Thanks all. I appreciated the follow up.

01-04-04, 07:15 PM
The major networks have been running a corporate "here's the new Chevrolet introductions" for the past two days. It starts with a frontal of the C6 and shows briefly the entire car.

01-08-04, 12:09 AM
if you can get speedvision there will be a spot on autoweek which next airs on 1/13/04 at 8PM eastern time