View Full Version : Emission sticker location?? 1971 LS5

Brad Case
01-03-01, 07:01 PM
My GF gave me an Emission sticker-among other things-for Christmas, to replace the missing one for my 1971 coupe LS5 , the question/problem is where does it go?? On the firewall someplace or maybe in front on the fan shroud?? My assembly manual isn't clear. Hopefully someone knows or has an NCRS spec book that would help me. Thanks in advance!!

01-05-01, 08:39 PM
This is not a real good picture, but you can see the emissions in the lower right had corner of the picture. Hopefully, this gives you some idea!! Maybe I can get a better pic tomorrow and post it for you.


01-06-01, 11:49 AM
Here is a little closer shot. The flash put a glare on the sticker, but I think you can get a pretty good idea where to put it! Hope this helps!

BTW everyone, you can see some of the "Bubba" wiring that was done by a previous owner. Green grounding wires everywhere! :eek: Just one of the reasons I will hold off on the NCRS judging. One step at a time.....


Brad Case
01-06-01, 08:23 PM
Thanks for the photo. I put it on today and it fit just right. I hope it wasn't too cold in the garage however cause it didn't seem to want to stick real well. Its barely gotten above freezing in the last two weeks here. So. I'll check it again in a couple of days. Nice looking car you have ... looks like we have the same taste! Anyway on to the next project :) Know where I can get a chrome air cleaner lid like yours? The one in my car has the wrong year 454 sticker on it (its for a 70 454-imagine!) and I thought rather than try to chip off the incorrect sticker I'd just get a new lid and put the correct one on it.


02-18-04, 11:56 PM
Soak old sticker in boiling water or pour it on for a while and it will fall right off:)