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12-31-03, 04:08 AM
GM web site has the Corvette C6 and the other cars in the intro, just like the commercial. Check it out....

Longer version of the commercial, 2:00 minutes, more shots of C6.

6 Shooter
12-31-03, 06:23 AM
Chevrolet.com (http://www.chevrolet.com/index_intro.html)

12-31-03, 08:06 AM
Looks like the beat their own embargo :)


The Car Whisperer
12-31-03, 08:13 AM
I'll take one, in red of course!

12-31-03, 11:35 AM
Okay I saw the commercial on CNBC 2 days ago and now its on Chevys website. As far as im concerned there is no embargo!!!!! Time for a drink to celebrate the new year and the new Vette!!!:bar Happy New Year CAC!!!

Double D
12-31-03, 11:38 AM
I just hot Chevrolet.com and all I see is a picture of a Malibu. Am I doing something wrong?

12-31-03, 11:42 AM
Originally posted by Double D
I just hot Chevrolet.com and all I see is a picture of a Malibu. Am I doing something wrong?

Seems you have the old site cached. Hit the reload button on the browser and it should refresh the page for you.


12-31-03, 11:51 AM
My buddy has no clue, and only has internet use durring lunch. Here is the email I sent to him:

1)Go here at lunch time.

2)Click on the "on television" link in lower right of page.

3)Pick a commercial.

4)See the new Vette.

5)Hear the new Vette.

6)Spew your pants!

Double D
12-31-03, 12:04 PM
Apparently, I have no clue because when I go to the website, I don't even see a "on television" link in the lower right. Could my company be blocking things?

12-31-03, 12:06 PM
Look for the picture of a Yellow SSR on a car carrier and click on it.

12-31-03, 12:15 PM
Originally posted by Double D
Apparently, I have no clue because when I go to the website, I don't even see a "on television" link in the lower right. Could my company be blocking things?
Go here: http://www.chevrolet.com/index_intro.html
If you do not get the yellow SSR and music hit refresh. You may have an old copy in your cache.


12-31-03, 12:40 PM
Awsome commercial,and yes I would have to agree,the embargo was a joke.

12-31-03, 12:56 PM
If you save the QT movie, you can scrub through it one frame at a time. Awesome film-making! Now we see where the spy shots in San Francisco came from: the filming of this commercial. Chevy has done a great job on the exposed headlights and revised rear. The Vette just keeps getting "cooler" and "hotter"!

PS: If you don't have QT Pro, it is worth the $30 cost! http://www.apple.com/quicktime/upgrade/

12-31-03, 01:03 PM
Originally posted by paintdaddy
Awsome commercial,and yes I would have to agree,the embargo was a joke.

My understanding was that the embarogo covered GM Media photos, which were leaked from other web sites, and detailed specs of the car. In my mind the embargo is still in place for this info. If it was for all info on the C6 then the Islandhopper pics of the C6 on the car carrier would have been pulled down long ago.


12-31-03, 01:14 PM
I think I may be swimming upstream here but what a let down. It would be like trading your '59 in on a '60. They must have spent too much time on the Cadillac, or THEY PUT A 427 IN IT, yeah, right.

Sorry, but for all of the marketing hype or lack of it, (see marketing terms in the Humor Mill), it just doesn’t do anything for me. It looks like the basic C5 with new eyebrows and different shorts.

12-31-03, 01:20 PM
Now those pictures from before make sense
when they were filming the commercial, someone grabed some pictures of the new vette!:eek

12-31-03, 02:00 PM

I think we should all wait 'til they hit the streets before we judge them. I agree, they look similar to the C5. I thought the same thing before I bought my 98 TransAm. What could be so different between 97 and 98. Well LS1 for starters, and a whole bunch more, bigger brakes, more HP and Torque, and the list goes on. If you have ever driven one of each, there is a huge performance gain in the 98+ models.

The C6 rumors to have the charachterisics of a ZO6 in it's (C6)stock form. I think that is something to get excited about, as most of us are.

12-31-03, 03:38 PM
Actually most of us judge a number of things at first sight, I'm sure you do too and may even remember her name. After owning at least one of ever generation and the first in September of 1956 I’m also old enough to make my own judgments. In this case it was my opinion, not a judgment, of what first sight meant to me. I would rather buy a new boat then just a new whistle or a bell. This C6 tends to look like the old boat with some new bells and whistles. Nothing like the C1 to the C2, more like C2 to C3, but less body change. As far as the other advances it may have, that will only be decided upon by the seat of my pants, then I’ll make a judgment. I’m still in line at my dealer for a C6, but at first glance I may save myself allot of money. I can’t speak for “most of us”, just me, and that was my opinion not someone else.

The really sad part about this whole thing is that after you’ve driven new cars for nearly 50 years you can buy without the need to be the first and concentrate on getting what “you” want instead of what the neighbor has or admires.

12-31-03, 05:10 PM
For the "still looks like a C5" comment, let's put things into perspective here:

The C5 is still current technology. We aren't getting the C6 because of necessity. We are getting the C6 because of Cadillac. If it wasn't for Cadillac wanting the XLR, we would still be in the C5 generation right now. Also, let's remember what GM has told us from day one: The C6 will be an evolution, not a revolution. So anyone expecting or hoping for a huge design change, like C4-C5, was just fooling themselves, and I have no idea why you had any expectations larger than that.

With that said, I think the C6 appears to be an excellent progression of the vehicle. Not only in performance (more horsepower and less weight), but also looks. It makes the C5 look like a pretty tired design, in my opinion. Especially when comparing the rear-ends, ie: the Road&Track picture.


12-31-03, 05:53 PM
That's a great commercial. The C6 is going to be amazing!

12-31-03, 11:11 PM
Not enough of a change to justify all the hype and mystery. The C6 is just version C5.5 I'll bet is ends up being the Windows ME of the Corvette world. Guess I'll wait for Corvette XP, oops, I mean Corvette C7.

12-31-03, 11:14 PM
Don't get me wrong. it is still a great car. I just expected more after eight years.

01-01-04, 12:28 PM
I had to wait until my stomach had settled to make a comment about the C6 coming because of the XLR. Even that didn’t help; I got to let some of this pass. AAAHHHhhhh, that's better. You were joking, right? It’s more like in spite of the XLR.

Did you see GM’s advertising theme? It is spelled REVOLUTION, not evolution. They continue on to say, “See the all-new Chevrolets in action”. The C6 is current C5 technology with a heat treat here, new clutch plate there, and better flow everywhere.

Did you read Hib’s article? What did the other writers think it looked like? Were they from R&T?


Go Blue!!!

01-01-04, 01:52 PM
I'm not saying I LIKE the fact the C6 is because of the XLR, I'm just stating the facts here. Whether you like Corvette's newfound connection with Cadillac or not is another debate entirely. However, that is truth, nothing more, nothing less.

And yes, the advertising theme is "Revolution", but that has absolutely nothing to do with a measure of the progression of the C5 to the C6. Come on now, Dad..... It's simply an advertising slogan. I am telling you, not offering an opinion, that GM has said from the beginning the C6 will be an evolution, not a revolution. Period. Fact. This is not debatable information.


01-01-04, 02:09 PM
Maybe I should make my Cadillac comment more clear, because I assumed you already knew about it.

Cadillac wanted a 2-seater car. GM wouldn't allow them the budget for yet another entirely new car, so they decided it would be more fiscally reasonable to do the new Corvette and the XLR together.

Check out this thread:



01-01-04, 02:41 PM
Originally posted by bluecoupe
Not enough of a change to justify all the hype and mystery. The C6 is just version C5.5 I'll bet is ends up being the Windows ME of the Corvette world. Guess I'll wait for Corvette XP, oops, I mean Corvette C7.

Oh, God! Please don't taint the good Corvette name by associating it with products (esp. operating systems) from Microsoft! :D

BTW, for those having trouble finding the spots on Chevy's site, just go straight to the Corvette page, http://www.chevrolet.com/corvette and click on the link for "Car Carrier" in the lower left.


...driving the best of both worlds: a Corvette in the real, and a Mac in the virtual... :)

01-01-04, 03:17 PM
You're right FHtuner. The Microsoft comment was over the top. I just read the list of specs on the C6 and GM did make some very good improvements. I really expected an entirely "new" Corvette like the change from C3 to C4. Even the change from C2 to C3, while mostly cosmetic, still seemed more “revolutionary” than the C5 to C6 change. I’ll just have to see one up close and drive it before I pass judgment.

01-01-04, 03:38 PM
Just giving you a hard time, bluecoupe-- and couldn't pass up an opportunity to slam Microsoft while I had the chance... :D I guess I didn't expect "an entirely new Corvette" like you did, since I knew that the C5 was really an incredible platform on which to build. A recent article I read quoted one of the Corvette team execs stating this very fact, so I figured it would be more evolutionary than revolutionary. But that's not always a bad thing, IMHO.

With so many things done right on the C5, and it being considered the best all-around (performance, quality, design, etc.) Corvette ever, in my mind there's no need at this point to go berserk and change everything "just because." The C6 styling is similar to the C5, certainly, but I think that's sort of the point-- it's still recognizable as a Corvette (to me, anyway).

With that said, at this point, I like the C6's design, but I'm going to have to get used to it, just like I did with the C5. As a teenager, I got really into Corvettes during the C4 era, and especially liked the looks of the redesigned '91 and forward models. I thought the C5 was pretty awesome when it came out, but it still took a little getting used to for me. Once I did get used to it, I began to prefer its design over the C4. I'm sure I'll be going through this same getting-used-to process with the C6. Don't know if I'll prefer it more than a C5, but time will tell...

So, my long-winded suggestion to you and everyone else (myself included), is to give it a chance to grow on you before formulating your final opinion on it. In any case, it's a new Corvette-- that's something to be excited about in its own right!


01-01-04, 03:59 PM

Sorry, I got into this discussion with you, you have all the information you need to determine the truth since it's from Black Ice. Sorry also that you and Black Ice will never make anything "more clear".

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, ouch ouch ouch, that hurts, stop, oh please stop!!!

:booty :booty :booty

01-01-04, 04:21 PM
Well im not overly thrilled with the lights but whatever i really enjoyed the popups...... too bad I cant get a c5ever plate..........LOL!

01-01-04, 04:31 PM
Here are some quotes from Dave Hill as published in our local paper today. It may help understand their logic in this car being an evolution and not a revolution:

Here's the full article:

"When Corvette chief engineer Dave Hill began work on the sixth-generation Corvette, the problem was the fifth-generation. It had been so good. "

"Beneath the new look is a heavily modified version of the fifth-generation Corvette, including a slightly stronger body, said Hill. "

"The 2005 Corvette gets a 6.0 liter aluminum, overhead valve V-8 called the LS2. The preliminary rating is 400 horsepower at 6,000 rpm, which is 50 horsepower more than the standard 2004 Corvette. The LS2 is rated at 400 foot pounds of torque at 4,400 rpm. "

"Hill said the 2005 Corvette is so good that with the Z51 suspension it can lap a track almost as quickly as the 2004 Corvette Z06. The 405-horsepower Z06 is currently the most powerful, highest-performance Corvette, a model most people would find too harsh and hard-edged for day-to-day use."

"But Hill estimated the 2005 will be about three or four tenths faster [than the base 2004] getting from zero to 60 mph. That would mean times of about 4.6 seconds for the automatic and 4.3 for a manual. Top speed should be more than 180 mph, he said. "

My 2 cents would be that I'm glad we have the C6. The C5 was a spectacular car. Let's not do too much to goof up a good thing! Considering the duration of the C5 was only 7 years, that's pretty good considering the runs of the other C's... C4 was 12 years and the C3 was 13 years! We might be seeing a C7 in half the time it took us to go from C3 to C4. THAT was a revolutionary change. The historical trend seems to be Revolution -> Evolution followed by repeated Revolution -> Evolution cycle again. Given that, the General hasn't really done anything that we shouldn't have already been expecting.

My only gripe thus far??? From a couple of 45° angle shots from the front/top, it looks a little too much like the front clip off of a Z28. I would be an easy morph to take a Z28 front and the C6 and make the nose a little more pointed and shorten the overall headlight length.

01-02-04, 12:07 AM
So sad. Ask any well informed person on this board, they will tell you the same. Are you even aware the two cars share the same platform? Why do you suppose this is, hmmmm? Please, save yourself some ebarrassment, and go research it for yourself.

"You can lead people to the truth, but you can't make them accept it."


01-02-04, 12:12 AM
I wasnt for sure but also noticed that.Its not a bad thing though.Not much different then switching bodies on a c2 to a c3.Isnt that what they did in 68?
Also this should mean that the drivetrain is proven to be well built and all of the bugs were worked out in the late 90s.

01-02-04, 12:41 AM
Actually they may interchange but they are not the same platform. Quite a difference where it counts. From what I see about the new C6 it may look the same but the body, frame, engine, transmission and the differential have all had some type of improvement or change. That is only reasonable as I'm sure they have been doing that every since the C5 came out.

I'm not knocking the C6, just that the CX moniker was started and it was for a generation change, now it is used for a generation tweak. More of a marketing tool now instead of an actual generation change.

Look at the past generations

C1 to C2 --- Major body, and suspension change.
C2 to C3 --- Major body design change. Close to the C6/C5 change, kinda. That will draw some flames.
C3 to C4 --- Major everything change.
C4 to C5 --- Again, major everything change.
C5 to C6 --- Major nickel and dime changes, and a kissup to the euro whiners. Actually Bill G. would have called it C5.1 but still charged the same way GM will.

Like I said before, I'm still in line for a C6 and the real decision will be made when I drive it. Something those that haven't owned or driven a Corvette will need to do some time instead of just reading about it.