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11-03-03, 07:46 AM
This post is related to my original post titled (CTSY fuse). After purchasing a tester to find open shorts/circuits(recommended by a fellow L81'er), I have trouble shot to a unit, that I believe is the anti theft alarm horn. I found this item (looks like a horn, and heck it might be) above and in front of the the left front wheel well. It is located to the left of the headlight actuator and very hard to see. My tester shows that this is causing the fuse to blow. My assembly manual shows the anti theft alarm located against the firewall next and below where the speedo cable goes. Am I in left field on this? Anyone else experienced a similar problem. Also I believe I have aftermarket horns. I have looked at the assembly manual and looks like one wire (green) connects to both the high and low note horns...is this correct? Mine is not wired like that? Almost done with the restoration, just need to get these horns figured out.;help

11-03-03, 05:09 PM
item has a "F" on it and states Delco Remey and a number 0967E5, also right above the letter "F" is 12v