View Full Version : Saw the New Caddy - is it close, is it a big deal?

10-30-03, 08:15 PM
Today while pulling into work, a new Caddy 2 door drove past - Low slung and whisper quiet - Kinda neat looking - better in person for sure...

Is this any indication of the new Vette?? Or is it not a big deal??

FWIW, car was just putting past, not swift at all (at least then ;) )

Brilliant silver :)

10-30-03, 08:41 PM
Sounds cool!
I bet we won't see one until March or later. California is last in line to get anything!

10-30-03, 09:19 PM
We got to play with one at the Assembly Plant last month. At that time, they were working on the first 100 for the Meiman Marcus catalog.


Remo broke it - the deck lid wouldn't go down :D.


11-06-03, 04:36 PM
FYI - I live in Southern California.

I was on my way to work this morning and I saw one of those closed auto transport rigs (the ones they use to deliver high end cars) and it had three side panel signs, one with a picture of the XLR, one with giant XLR letters, and one with the GM logo.

It was headed toward New Port Beach.

Could this be a delivery of the new car, I have yet to see one on the road in California.

11-06-03, 07:08 PM
I saw the XLR, Cien, and the CTS-V at the Anaheim Int auto show last Sunday.

I realized there that the door HANDLE cavity is much smaller and much higher on the XLR door, than on the C6. I guess the XLR membrane pad won't make it to the vette. If the C6 ends up with a "D" shaped pull out handle with that big gauge behind it, I'm gonna be disappointed.

The Cien is still sweet looking.

The CTS-V does have the rear license plate surround body colored and it definately improves the look - as does the FAT tires and the mesh grill. If it were only $10k cheaper, I'd jump at it for the family car!

11-06-03, 07:12 PM
Have a close look at the load...