View Full Version : looking for a trade!

10-24-03, 11:10 PM
greetings! this is going to seen a bit strange... but here goes! i was hit head on by a car while on my friends harley dyna superguilde, after i could walk agian i was all for getting my own.... i know, im a nut! found a mint 2002 softail standard and thru money at it till i was pretty happy with it. bought a 1989 bk on bk vette now i never ride the harley! deal is, i want to give the 89 coup. to my lady for a wed gift , and trade the softail for a 1997 vette, this is a very fine bike,has the new twin88 ,with balancer ,no vibes!fuel inject. and is done in the skull motief, useing harley and j.p. parts. hard bags,tons of crome rep. parts, if you feel ive been a slacker!lol......yada ...yada.. 3k on it.. stage 1..ect. problem is ,the crash left my legs shot..! in the spring ill ask for and get 19k for this bike, what id like is to trade someone for a 1997 vette,pictures can be sent anytime. love this bike, but i dont feel the way i used to about riding, ive lost my edge..damn!
tx. reply to captbane@yahoo.com