View Full Version : 1955 265 V8 Corvette Engine Numbered FOR SALE

10-17-03, 05:46 PM
HELLO ALL, I have a 1955 265 V8 Original numbered Corvette Engine for sale, with Finned Aluminum Valve Covers, I had the original Oil Bath for it, but I dont know where its at, but I'll keep looking, This motor is all original and has not been modified or even touched since it was pulled from the car, I picked it up about 10 years ago, from an old farmer in Oregon who was cleaning out his barn, he said he wrecked the car screwin around dragging some ol boy in a 55 Chevy Bel Aire, when he got hit broadside and total the car, he had it on a engine stand and was going to put it in a modified tractor, thats when I found out what it came out of, I had to trade him a brand new engine for it. SO BEWARE OF OLD FARMERS WITH BARNS FULL OF FUNKY TRACTORS, I think he wanted to build a transformer or something, it took me a year just to get him out of my shop WHEW MAN, great ol guy though I bet he could fix anything. I would like to get $5,000.00 but will take best offer. I have done some research on its origin it can be traced to the car and all pertinent information at the Flint Michigan facility.



10-22-03, 06:27 AM
Original 55 Corvette engines didn't use finned aluminum valve covers, and they did not use the oil bath oil filter. The oil bath filter was a passenger car only item. What are the casting numbers, the casting date, and the numbers on the stamp pad? Chuck