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08-21-03, 10:51 AM
My vette runs good with the ECM unplugged from the HEI as soon as I plug it in it stalls in gear does that me my ECM is bad .I know when its unplugged that considered Bypass is it bad to run the car like that.It really does run well but sucks up the fuel Thanks.

08-21-03, 11:04 AM

With computer plugged in... do you get any codes (Check Engine Light) ?

Also be sure to check that someone hasn't altered your car and put a different carb and possible distributor on it ;)

Also you may want to run a "Search" for past threads about the ECM and or Codes.. As I recall there are a few that may also help.

Best Wishes, enjoy the :Steer

08-25-03, 04:39 PM
As long as the four-wire WeatherPack connector is unplugged at the distributor, you're already halfway to checking the base timing. Got a timing light? Where is it set with the connector open?