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08-15-03, 10:21 PM
I have just recently acquired a '69 triple black convt. I would loved to have this car judged at the Orlando show this next January.
The question is: To have a car judged, what do I need to do? Do I have to join the NCRS to have the car judged? When you you bring the car to be judged, and is it there for more than 1 day? Is the car part of an open corral for general viewing?
Just some questions I have, since I've never had a chance to do this.
Thanks for the reply's.

Erik S. Klein
08-15-03, 10:32 PM
You'll need to join the NCRS and a local chapter to get the car judged. You'll then need to sign up for a chapter meet, pay the fee and get the car judged by the chapter gurus. You should probably volunteer to assist in the judging (of other peoples cars) as a tabulator or something to learn the process while you're there.

Most chapter meets are one or two days and your car will be on display for that time. For two day meets there's almost always overnight security. Collectors insurance generally covers the cars at these events as well, just in case.

What you'll probably want to do is get your car judged at a chapter meet, fix what you get dinged on, then re-judge at the chapter level if you can. Then progress to a regional event and then to a national convention.

Good luck and enjoy your new car! It looks awesome!

08-15-03, 10:35 PM
So.....how do I find the "local chapter" in my area? Would they list any upcoming juding events?

Erik S. Klein
08-15-03, 10:45 PM
Originally posted by a69vette
So.....how do I find the "local chapter" in my area? Would they list any upcoming juding events?

Easy stuff. Just head over to the NCRS Website (http://www.ncrs.org) for almost all of the information you'll ever need about the organization.

Click on the calendar for a list of NCRS events including chapter and regional meets.

Click on the contacts link for a list of the chapters and contacts at those chapters.

The Florida Chapter has its own website at www.NCRSFL.com


08-15-03, 10:54 PM
Thank you very much! I've been there looking around. They are posting an upcoming event in October, I think I understand you to say this would be the 1st event to attend.


08-16-03, 06:06 AM

The Florida Winter Regional judging is indoors. The Hyatt has quite a large hall where your car would be, this is called the judging "field". All judged cars may not leave the field during the event except for those going for a Performance Verification which includes a road test. On the last day, once all judging is over, there will be an announcement that all cars are "released" from the field.

Follow Erik's advice PLUS buy a judging manual off the NCRS web site for your year car. If you go to Carlisle next week, they may have some. They had a few last year. When you have your car judged you will get a great education and it's fun too!

Great looking car and we'll see you in Kissimmee. If you have any other questions I'll be happy to assist via email or PM.


08-16-03, 06:43 AM

I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of contacting Alan Foster about your interest in the NCRS and the Florida Chapter and gave him your email address. He's their Membership Officer and will be able to get you started.

I'll echo the others in the advise to get a Judging Manual and I'd also juggest an Operations & Performance Verification Guide.

I would strognly urge you to join soon and register for their Chapter Meet on October 25. I don't know the location but it's called Howie in the Hills. The chapter meets are much more low-key and give you a lot more time to talk with folks during the judging process. That will set you up for a run on the WIneter Regionals in Kissimmee as Guy mentioned. Next decision will be wether to drive it or trailer it to Windsor for the 2004 Nationals.

Hold on tight Rick, you're on your way now and I have a feeling you're gonna love it!

Tom Bryant
08-26-03, 02:51 AM

Also the chapter meets have smaller classes because of more limited space and fewer judges attending. I have waited until just a couple months before a chapter meet to try to enter my wife's '81 and the class was already filled. Get cracking or you may not get a spot on the judging field. If you don't, don't sweat it. Still go to the meet and put your car in the Sportsman display. You will learn a lot from other members looking at your car. Also sign up to be an observer judge in your class. It will be an eye opener and you will be better prepared for that first time getting judged. I have done this before and it was a lot of fun.