View Full Version : One week only sale $700.00 below invoice on all 04 Corvettes

Rick Daniel
08-10-03, 05:57 PM
Thru close of business on Sat.08-16-03 any new 2004 Corvette on our lot can be bought for $700.00 below factory invoice (line 310) and I will show you the invoice. You must have buyers order and accompanying paper work signed with a deposit in our office before the close of business on 08-16-03 to qualify. Any rebates that may apply also goes to the customer. This offer does not include the Z16/Z06. You must speak to me only no other salesperson with MP can make this offer. Make no mistake about it this is a limited time offer and will be over on the stated date.

Folk I am sure you can appreciate I am going to be very busy next week. I have to ask you to call me rather that email. I will not have the time to sit and ans. all of the email that I know I will get. 770-207-7000. I am off on Tue. but all other days I will be in the office. :)