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08-10-03, 08:49 AM
Well, the time has come to rebuild my entire suspension. Everything is shot under there. She shakes at high speed, pulls very hard to the right, and will not hold an alignment. Not good when your pushing around 500 horses. I have a good friend of mine that manages a tire kingdom and he has offered to do it on one of his days off in the shop. All I have to do is buy the beer, show up and help, and buy the set up. Only thing is, I don't know squat about suspension. Can you guys point me in the right direction and help me pick out which parts to order, and where I should order everything from? I want her to be balls to the wall 1/4 mile but still be able to street drive and handle great on the highway. Thanks!:Steer

08-10-03, 10:16 AM
Go to VB&P website,they have everything you need and differant suspension options for the front and rear. Good luck.

08-11-03, 08:17 AM
Suspension Questions,,

Scott81 has done the utlimate in suspension to a 1981.. you can check out his website at SharkTank (http://www.c3sharktank.com/) then click on "SCOTT'S SHARK" and he has a very good write up on what all he has done ;)