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08-06-03, 09:37 PM
Hi all,

I am rebuilding the front suspension on my 81, and so far have been able to overcome all obstacles except one: I can't seem to make sense out of the torque specifications listed in my shop manual. here is what it says:


Ball Joint Stud Nuts
Upper 50 ftlbs
Lower 80 ftlbs

Joint to upper arm (service replacement) 25 ftlbs

Steering Arm nuts 70 ftlbs

Control arm Pivot to frame
Upper 50 ftlbs
Lower (nut only) *** there is no torque listed, it just says "see below"

Cross Shaft Bolts 50 ftlbs

Shock absorber
upper end 90 inlbs
lower end 150 inlbs

stabilizer bar
link nuts 18 ftlbs
bracket bolts 120 inlbs

Lower control arm shaft to crossmember
front 70 ftlbs
rear 95 ftlbs

mounting bolts disc brake caliper
70 ftlbs

Now most of this i get, but i am hazy on a few points:
1. It lists torques for upper ball joint to control arm, what about lower?

2. what is "control arm pivot to frame"? how does it differ from "control arm shaft to crossmember"?

3. why is "control arm shaft to crossmember only listed for lower?

4. the lower control arm pivot to frame says"see below" where there is a diagram i totally do not understand. It shows the whole car, with several distances marked off, and i dont understand what it has to do with the front suspension.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks, Gene

08-07-03, 03:32 PM

Hang tough buddy hopefully someone that can help you with your question will come along pretty soon.

I'll try to remember to look through some of my books and references by the this weekend ;) Hopefully you'll find your answers sooner.


08-07-03, 05:26 PM
Thanks for the encouragement, i wonder if i can just use the same torques on the lower as on the upper where its not listed. I gonna check a few more places i know of and see if i cant find out.


08-07-03, 05:43 PM

I would think (and this usually gets me in trouble) if the bolts are the same size, then the torq specs should be the same. If not then somewhere in the Shop Manual is a torq rating for bolts..

Good Luck