View Full Version : Wire Heat Shields for '81

Chris Kennedy
07-10-03, 11:54 AM
I am looking for a complete set of the spark plug wire heat shields for my '81. Apparently, these shields were unique to this year. If anyone has these for sale, please contact me at: cnkennedy@earthlink.net


--Chris Kennedy

Bob Yates
07-10-03, 12:34 PM
Chris, I use to own an 81.... it only has a plastic sheild over the distributor which runs down each side of the engine covering the wires as it goes down and on the passenger side of the cover there is a ground strap from the engine to a stud on the cover and only one metal cover over number 5 & 7 spark plug. It is strange because there is no other plugs covered. Just those two. You should be able to find one. Most people took them off because they are so hard to get back on. Good luck ....Bob Yates

07-10-03, 01:13 PM

I think what Bob describes is the shield that fits over the Distributor, there is a heat shield that mounts to the engine block and is chrome and fits around the the sparkplugs that is an actual heat shield.

I've seen both items on ebay at one time or another. I didn't think the heat shield around the sparkpulgs for the '81 was unique to the '81. Maybe a quick trip to pick and pull or local junk yard may be a cheap way of finding out ;)

I know the heat shields ar pita when changing out the sparkplugs and even a bigger pita when installing new plug wires :eek

Chris Kennedy
07-12-03, 10:19 AM
Thanks, everyone, for replying to my question (I had problems posting a reply, which is why this repsonse is delayed). Interestingly, there is one wire shield over the two last spark plug wires on the driver's side, and not the passenger side. That's what made we think there were others that were missing. Pretty strange! But, I will check on ebay.

--Chris Kennedy