View Full Version : POR-15 ???: need help to determine amounts needed for frame and various other parts

70 VETTE 454
06-21-03, 04:15 PM
Just wanna use your past experiences.....

I'm restoring my 70 right now and I'm in the process of sanding and grinding all the rust off the frame, and I'm half way done and want to coat it with POR-15 so I wont have to do this again......

my question is:

How much POR-15 is enough to get me by for doing the whole frame, main drive shaft, both half shafts, upper and lower control arms, differential housing, transmission housing and a few other small parts under there as well?

what about chassis coat, strictly for the frame, how much do I need there?

they have PT., QT., GL., and its obviously costs more as the size goes up, and they recommend 2 coats minimum......

Last ???
Brush on OR Spray on?????? which is better?


06-21-03, 04:30 PM
Wow, this is weird! I was just visiting the POR (http://www.por15.com/) site, trying to figure out how much I'd need for the rollbar in my C4. Looks like I'll be following your post now. ;)

06-21-03, 09:52 PM
Did mine about 2 months ago , with the body 'on' the frame. Did the entire undercarriage including frame, crossmembers, the shafts, rearend, suspension, under the cockpit to the floor heat shields, etc...I think i used 3 quarts but i layed it on thick. I used Eastwoods Header Paint for the entire exhaust system incl. the Headers, and i used 1.5 quarts of that.

I was real happy with the results.


robert kirk
06-21-03, 09:53 PM
It takes about a gallon. I used semi gloss black. I am using a brush also, it goes on nice and leaves a nice finish. When it drys you cant see the brush strokes. I really like this stuff it is an excellant product. robert

06-21-03, 09:53 PM
Dave, were you the one who showed us why you don't want to get that stuff on your hands? :L

_ken :v

06-21-03, 09:56 PM
So, are you guys saying that the "starter kit" should be enough to do my rollbar? It has a quart of the stuff I believe. :confused

_ken :CAC

robert kirk
06-21-03, 11:56 PM
Yes the starter kit will be more than enough. I goes a long way and seams to lay down very nice. It leaves a very hard surface, with a nice smooth feel. Be careful if you get it on your hands it has to wear off. takes about a week, trust me on this. robert

06-22-03, 12:27 AM
Thanks Robert. :upthumbs

Oh, and I am aware of the problems with getting it on your bare hands. Has to wear off, eh? :L

_ken :w

70 VETTE 454
06-22-03, 06:38 AM
hey you all
thanks for the advice, so i guess its more of a judgement thing depending on how thick you use it.
well ill try a few quarts and if i need more ill just order as i get low.

you find your answer.....
well feel free to use this for your POR project too, and keep us posted as to how it comes out, and ill do the same.

thanks again......