View Full Version : Nut Missing for Door Pull

Bob Chadwick
06-21-03, 04:08 PM
I went to put my inside door pull back on the passenger side door and noticed that the threaded part on the inside is missing. I have tried to "glue" the proper size it in place using JB Weld, hold it in place with strip caulk, etc, all to no avail. Anybody have ant ideas on how to hold a nut in place back there so that I can screw the pull through the door panel and into place.

The problem is holding the nut from turning after the panle is in place. I'm thinking of trying to find a well nut but don't think that that would look very good.


06-22-03, 04:28 AM
TTT - I have the same problem on the driver's side.


Bob Chadwick
06-22-03, 08:08 AM

I took another trip to the hardware store yesterday. In the specialty fasteners they have a bolt that looks like a 1/4 inch or so long rod that is threaded and has a large end to it. It looks like a piece of rod with a washer attached except it is one piece and I think stainless steel. The end has two small screw holes in it. Mount it on the outside, drill two holes in the door using this as the template, put it on the inside using two small screws and your all set.

Sorry but I didn't take any pictures.