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06-03-03, 11:10 AM
Anybody have experience with Gorilla Glue. ;shrug ;shrug ;shrug

06-03-03, 11:37 AM
i havent....but i wonder which part of the gorilla they use for glue!

06-03-03, 11:53 AM
Yes, I have some and can certainly see why they call it that....but it's for wood....:pat

06-03-03, 12:02 PM
Go Ape:


06-03-03, 12:16 PM
Originally posted by magmotor
Yes, I have some and can certainly see why they call it that....but it's for wood....:pat

Quote from web site:

"6. Will it work on plastics?
There are about 20,000 or more different formulations for various plastics. It will work on most, but not all. We always advise doing test glue-ups before the real project. It helps to rough up the surface and moisten it before applying the glue on a plastic or metal surface. If the surface is thick enough on the nonporous substrate, you might even consider drilling some small holes to give the glue more of a mechanical tooth to hold onto."

06-03-03, 02:31 PM
Thanks guys!

06-03-03, 08:49 PM
Gorilla Glue is a moisture activated product. If you are using it on a non-absorbant surface, like plastic, make sure to moisten the contact areas. Also, don't use very much, it expands during the curing process. If you notice it foaming from between your contact points, don't try to wipe it off immediately, wait for the glue to competely cure and it will sand off easily. After the glue has completely cured pray you never have to take the pieces apart. Take care. Tim

06-03-03, 10:31 PM
Good Lord....I feel really stupid...after all these years....I've never heard of this "GLUE"...?????????
What the heck is it??????????

06-04-03, 09:44 PM
I just used some to repair a plastic drawer rail in my refrigerator. It is is holding good so far, but I didn't know about the expansion, so I did make a mess, but I was able to cut off the excess easily. Haven't tried it on wood yet.

Gorilla glue is available at Home Depot or Lowe's, it is super strength wood glue. Expensive, about $20 a quart.