View Full Version : Vaccume canister to save Power Brakes?

05-31-03, 09:43 AM
Please help. I am running dual edelbrock 1405's. I have a full race cam. I have been running this for a while. Power Brakes suck. New calipers, pads, and master cylinder all around. I only have 8-9lbs of vaccume in gear. I KNOW the power booster is good, I ran a line from my dads cadillac that has 15lbs of vaccume to it, it then stops on a dime. I see those vaccume canisters listed for cars with wild cams so the power brakes work. Do they actually work? I mean, all it can do is store vaccume in there, and create more volume for the powerbooster, they can't actually create more lbs of vaccume, can they? Anybody running these?

05-31-03, 12:51 PM
I'm looking at something similar when I get around to building my 406.

I think I'm going to go with a hydraulic brake booster (http://www.hydroboost.com/), when I do that.

If you don't already have power steering, you'd need to add a power steering pump. But if you already have it, all you need is new lines.

I'd probably add a cooler, but that's just me: Hydratech doesn't say it's needed except in race applications.

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06-04-03, 07:42 AM
cadillac has a electric vacuum pump for their self leveling suspension which can be used to augment low vacuum (due to wild cams) you can search the boneyards or check out the street rod mags some of the brake companys offer new units just for this problem. I used a canister on a street rod with a 235 @.050 degree cam with no problem, but with something wilder a pump is the way to go.