View Full Version : Why do T/A radials howl like a banshee?

05-16-03, 10:59 PM
I can not believe the howl eminating from my tires, the rears in particular. The car is incredibly noisy. Is there a cure, or ar C4's all noisy as hell. I am looking for a quieter 'vette. I think my '86 has found a new home.

05-16-03, 11:40 PM
I can't answer the tire noise issue because I have not run the T/A radials on my '87, but I can tell you that almost all of the C4s were noisy, creaky and rattley. :(

05-17-03, 11:18 PM
Yeah, thanks, Ken. I was thinking about the same. That is why I'm sorta looking sideways at a C5, to dispell some of those issues.

05-18-03, 02:15 AM
TA's are not exactly a high end tire. There are likely others that are quieter. Keep in mind, though, you are sitting very close to those babies.

Maybe your problem is not enough sound out of the pipes?

Zora D.
05-22-03, 02:43 AM
Buy a 94, 95, or 96...

In 1994, Chevrolet made over 200 modifications to reduce body noise and creaks.

as for the T/A's... some tires are just loud.

Check out Tirerack.com. Read the tests and buyer feedback. If they're noisy tires they'll more than likely comment on it in the test results.

I just bought a set of Kumho Ecsta MX's for my '94... I havent installed them yet... But I feel real good about my purchase. These things were rated higher than a set of Yokohama's that would have costed me more than 120 bucks more (for a set of 4).

Real aggressive lookin tread pattern too!

Check em out. :Steer