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05-12-03, 09:02 PM
Okay, say this is the situation....

You are in 3rd gear going, say, 45 - 50 MPH. And then up 100 - 125 meters is a red light and maybe a car or two stopped at it. So now you obviously have to slow down because the light isn't going to turn green before you get there.

Now, what would you do? Would you downshift into 2nd gear (when, of course, you are at a respectable speed and RPM, 15MPH and 2000RPM???) and then into first gear (again, low speed and RPM so you don't grind)? Or would you just take off the accelator and then when the engine bogs down just push the clutch in?

The only thing I would worry about all the way downshifting would be not slowing down quick enough. But to push clutch in so soon would probably be tough on the brakes.

What would you do?

Thanks!! :)

05-14-03, 05:54 AM
I am from Europe where manual transmissions (still) prevail. In a similar case you described, I usually just down shift to 2nd gear and lay off the gas pedal slowly. I use the brakes in the meantime slightly if necessary. Other wise: pedal to the metal overtaking the two cars in front. :)
Unfortunately I do not own a Corvette :( ...yet :Steer


05-14-03, 05:56 AM
Okay, I figured that would probably be the best thing to do. Thanks!! :D

05-14-03, 01:05 PM
You might also consider that replacing brake pads is a LOT cheaper than replacing clutches; brakes are for stopping, clutches are for "going" :D Downshifting is handy for being in the right gear at the right rpm when the light turns green, but it's an expensive substitute for brakes. Road-racers don't downshift to slow the car down - they use the brakes for that; they downshift (simultaneously) so they're in the right gear at the right rpm when they enter the turn so they're at the right spot in the power band as they exit the turn.

05-14-03, 01:46 PM
Got to agree with John. If you see you may need to stop just push in the clutch, let the engine idle, and use the brakes. In the mean time you can be changing gears to be in the correct gear to go or can wait till you stop and then put it in first.


05-14-03, 04:24 PM
Okay, I see what you mean, John. Thanks for the insight!! :)