View Full Version : New leather seat covers

04-23-03, 02:58 PM
I am thinking about changing the back to my driverís side seat. It has a stain from a new shirt that I had on. The dealer thinks the back only cost 139 bucks but he thinks that is too cheap so he is double checking the price. Do I need to bring the seats in for to someone that knows what he is doing or can this be done at the house with out any special tools? I have tried everything to remove the stain but have not been able to get it out with anything. So next step is changing the leather out.

04-24-03, 04:53 PM
Don't know what year Corvette you have, but I'd recommend letting an automotive trim shop replace it - they have the special tools, experience, know-how, and "tricks of the trade" to do it right the first time.